The InPrint 2017 Innovation Awards sponsored by Ricoh

Recognising Excellence in Industrial Print

InPrint Awards

As an important platform for the industrial print industry, InPrint 2017 introduced the Innovation Awards sponsored by Ricoh. With the new Innovation Awards, InPrint 2017 acknowledged the progression within the industry and awarded innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurship in two categories. Considered for a nomination were topics like future-oriented partnerships, unusual products, sustainable printing technologies and challenging print surfaces in industrial print.

All exhibitors of InPrint 2017 had the chance to enter this competition and present their innovative technologies, machines and developments in two categories: Innovative Partnerships and Extraordinary Products.

The four winners were then selected through an online voting and presented with a prestigious award during the official ceremony at InPrint 2017.

The Winners

Innovative Partnerships

CEFLA (Italy)

InPrint Awards

The new single-pass printer J-PRINT SP1300 TD for printing 3D tactile feedback effects uses the special MyTexture ink by Kuei for maximum realism in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient process.

Tonejet Ltd (United Kingdom)

InPrint Awards

The Tonejet Cyclone Digital 2-piece Can Decorator is a direct-to-shape metal can printing machine that unites Tonejet’s unique digital print engine with the intelligent iTRAK transport system by Rockwell to accurately transport the cans during the print process and ensure a high-quality finish.

Extraordinary Products

Sioen Chemicals (Belgium)

InPrint Awards

An expert in tailor-made pigment pastes, inks, varnishes and primers, Sioen Chemicals have developed the red UV ink and protective UV varnish for the official Belgian license plates with outstanding weathering properties and abrasion resistance.

Thallosjet (Italy)

InPrint Awards

Using HP Thermal Inkjet Technology, Thallosjet’s industrial desk-top printer S-TAGer 1.0 for the professional marking of electrical tags and components can adapt to different needs for industrial and professional users, offering high flexibility in substrate matching with water, solvent and UV inks.

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