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You can view all the entries in this category below. The online voting has ended; the winners were announced on 14 November 2017 at the official Awards Ceremony at InPrint 2017.

S-TAGer 1.0

Thallosjet, Italy

Tag Printing will be now an easy task thanks to "S-TAGer 1.0" printer!

Our team was able to embed HP Thermal Inkjet Technology, usually used in Product Identification field, into an industrial desk-top printer for professional marking of electrical tags and components.

"S-TAGer 1.0" has a sturdy aluminum structure that makes it perfect for industrial environments and workshops, with Italian design that makes it perfect even for office use.

Comes equipped with a 16x16cm printing bed; print height is automatically adjusted by a sensor; with these features it will be capable of printing on all existing marking plates in the market.

Flexibility is its strength as it can adapt to different needs for industrial and professional users.

"S-Tager1.0" Specifications are:
- HP Thermal Inkjet Technology for ease of use;
- Virtually Maintenance Free thanks to easy printhead replacement;
- 3 Axis XYZ Adjustments;
- Multiple Loading Set-up;
- Works as Standard Printer connected to PC;
- Capable of printing as Stand Alone Solution thanks to on-board operating system;
- Unparalleled Flexibility in Substrate Matching with water, solvent and UV inks;
- Simple UV/IR Lamp Adjustments for best ink/substrate performance.

Red UV ink & protective UV varnish

Sioen Chemicals, Belgium

Sioen Chemicals is expert in tailor-made pigment pastes, inks, varnishes & primers.
Our R&D and sales-team works closely together with the customer to develop a product or combination of products to obtain the required properties for their application.

Sioen Chemicals developed the red UV ink & protective UV varnish for the official Belgian license plates with outstanding weathering properties and abrasion resistance: probably the most resistant license plate in the world!


Engineered Printing Solutions, USA

The Roto-JET is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution printer which offers state-of-the-art digital printing technology. It is designed specifically for decorating cylindrical objects – including flat walled or tapered objects and is therefore the ideal printer for promotional product runs, craft brewers, wineries, and Ad Specialty companies looking to offer their customers short run option at higher production rates.

With average speeds of 800 parts per hour (pph)*, the Roto-JET features a synchronized printing and curing operation which prints full CMYKWW, with optional primer and varnish printheads available. Easy to load and unload, this new system can accommodate either manual or automatic operation. In addition, the elliptical-style race track conveyance and vertical design keeps the printer within a manageable foot print.

Print reliability in the Roto-JET is assured since it uses the Xaar 1003 printheads with Xaar’s unique TF Technology (ink recirculation). Ink is recirculated within the printhead directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection at the highest flow rates in the industry. This ensures that the Xaar 1003 operates reliably even in the harshest industrial environments.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhNUXG-XjBw
*the actual pph will vary with cup diameter and length of graphic.

ValueJet 1638UH dual head LED UV printer

Mutoh Belgium, Belgium

Featuring a dual staggered head setup for increased speed and two LED UV lamps for reduced cure time, the ValueJet 1638UH 64” (165 cm) wide hybrid LED UV printer will print on a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials, including heat-sensitive substrates. The printer accommodates 1625 mm (63.97”) roll media up to 30 kg as well as rigid boards up to 1625 mm x 1200 mm (63,97” x 47,24”) up to 15 mm thick and up to 15 kg.

Offering print resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, the printer utilises Mutoh’s unique VOC-free LED UV inks to produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances. Next to CMYK, the VJ-1638UH also can be set-up with varnish and white to handle transparent or non-white substrates without losing colour power or to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for prints with high added value. Both flex and rigid inks are available.

Application possibilities encompass high quality graphics for short viewing distances, such as packaging designs, customised interior deco, trade show graphics, etc… as well as typical sign applications including high quality backlit applications, prints on clear and non white substrates and even car wrapping.

Semray® - die UV LED Curing Revolution

Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, Germany

Üblicherweise sind UV-LED Systeme geschlossene, eckige Kästen mit einem Austrittsfenster für UV Licht. Jedes dieser Kästen wird mit einem Strom- und Datenkabel verbunden, fest in die Maschine installiert und ist inmitten des Kabelwaldes kaum zu finden. Bei einem Servicefall oder einem Upgrade zur Leistungssteigerung muss der Produktionsprozess unterbrochen werden, Kabel abmontiert und die LED Kästen abgeschraubt werden. Das ist kostspielig und zeitaufwendig. Das musste anders werden. Es wurde anders: mit Semray®.

Komplexität vereinfacht bedeutet bei Semray®, dass eine Backplane fest in die Maschine montiert wird. An ihr befinden sich die Anschlüsse für die Kommunikation und Strom. Je nach Anforderung werden beliebig viele UV-LED-Segmente per Plug & Play eingeklickt, die sich ganz einfach werkzeugfrei austauschen lassen. Das ist ebenso innovativ wie das luftgekühlte UV-LED-System, das deutlich komplexere wassergekühlte Systeme in den Schatten stellt.

„Das Produkt muss ausdrücken, was es anders macht.“, Christian Bunse, Industrie-Designer

Kabelminimierung, werkzeugfreier Austausch und maximale Anwenderfreundlichkeit - Semray® macht diese Revolution auch nach außen hin sichtbar. Das Gerät besticht neben der neuartigen Backplane durch eine ebenso elegante wie klare Struktur und eine komfortable Bedienerführung. Der innovative Charakter von Semray findet seinen adäquaten Ausdruck in der elegant abgerundeten Form, die ein optisches Ausrufezeichen setzt.

In-Direct Flexo (IDF) technology

Van Dam Machine Europe BV, Netherlands

Van Dam was founded in 1962 by Mr. Albert van Dam. The company started as a machine manufacturer for machines printing on balloons. Soon after the foundation of the company expanded to manufacture machines to print plastic containers and from that moment innovation took off.

Today, Van Dam is well known for our flexibility and commitment to develop new technologies to improve the business proposition of our customers. Some milestones in the printing history set by Van Dam are: printing on mandrel, rectangular cup printing, ultra high speed machines and the recently developed In-Direct Flexo (IDF) technology.

This break-through IDF technology combines the low cost of Dry Offset with the high constant printing quality and ease of operations of Flexo and the Flexibility of Digital. IDF offers fast time to market, low cost even with small series and endless design possibilities. IDF decoration can be applied on the full range of containers: tubs, lids, cups, pails, etc. and materials like: PP, PE, PET, paper, EPS, PS, etc.

IDF decoration technology answers to today’s demands for High Quality, Low Cost and maximum Flexibility.

Computer to Screen für höchste Auflösung

Lüscher Technologies AG, Switzerland

Die Lüscher Technologies AG mit Sitz in Bleienbach/Schweiz hat mit der Multi DX! ein innovatives Computer to Screen System entwickelt, welches den allerhöchsten Anspüchen für die Siebherstellung im industriellen Bereich Rechnung trägt. Mit Auflösungen bis zu 12'000 dpi wird die repetierbare Reproduktion von feinsten Linien bis zu einer Grösse von 40 Micron möglich. Mittels direkter Laserbelichtung können alle handelsüblichen Emulsionen belichtet und durchgehärtet werden.

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