A comprehensive, high-quality technical conference will run alongside InPrint 2017, presenting innovative best practice and forward-looking talks and discussions with experts from the industry sector. Taking place directly on the show floor, the InPrint Conference offers additional opportunities for exchange and networking between exhibitors and visitors.

If you are interested in presenting at the InPrint 2017 Conference, please fill out and submit the form in the link below.

Application Conference Presentation

Conference Programme

The following contributions will be presented at the InPrint 2017 Conference. The programme is updated regularly and is therefore subject to change. Further details will be published shortly. 

Status: September 2017

aNIR®-Technology an enabler for instantaneous post printing processes

Dr. Kai K. O. Bär, adphos Digital Printing GmbH

Development of inkjet inks for industrial print applications 

Dr. Marc Graindourze, Agfa Graphics


organised by Archipelago Technology

Hot Stuff: How Powerdrop’s Heated Print Drum is Enabling High Volume Manufacturing
Ben Brebner, Archipelago Technology

FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology Enabling Industrial Printing
Tim Rosario, FujiFilm

Direct-to-Mesh: An Inkjet Triumph
Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet Ltd & John Harwell, Duralchrome AG

Transitioning Inkjet Technology from Research to Production
Daniel Fechtig, Profactor

Ink Design Considerations for Industrial Printing
Dr Simon Daplyn, Sensient Imaging Technologies

Tomorrowland, a Case Study for the Future of Can Printing
Simon Edwards, Tonejet

FlexJet: Low Cost Industrial Inkjet
Rob Day, TTP

Functional Reactive Fluid Deposition Using Xaar Inkjet Technology
Simon Kirk, Xaar

Colour standardisation for industrial print applications

Gerardo Cerros, CMA

Taking Inkjet Direct Product Decoration to the Next Dimension

Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd

Direct to shape decoration at its best

Bobby Kleinveld, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Digitaldruck für Rundhohlkörper: CMYK vs. Hexachrome

Alexander Hinterkopf, Hinterkopf GmbH

UV-LED Systeme für den Inkjet Druck 

Petra Burger, Dr. Hönle AG

The Rebirth of Industrial Print

Mark Hanley, I T Strategies Inc. 

High Precision Printing for Metal and Cartons

Stephen Tunnicliffe Wilson, Inca Digital Printers, UK

Challenges within functional printing flaws’ detection

Michel Popovic, IN-CORE Systèmes

From Industrial to Digital Revolution

Marvin Jensen, Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. (CYCONJET)

How to Print on Awkward Things: The Digital Print Datapath

Phil Duffy, Meteor Inkjet Ltd

Entstaubung von Metallpulver für additive Herstellverfahren (3D-Druck)

Christian Schuster & Frank Maringer, NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH

If every single mesh counts - an innovative qualification technique for printing screens

Jürgen Brag, OSIF GmbH

IMD/FIM-Technology and Dual-Cure Protective Lacquers for Automotive Interior Applications

Dr. Hans-Peter Erfurt, Pröll KG

Adding value in a hyper competitive world through inkjet customisation

Michel Van Vliet, Roland DG

Thermal Transfer and Flexible Electronics - The value proposition for industrial printing

Dene Taylor, SPF-Inc


organised by Technical Conference Management

Kurt Fischer, Technical Conference Management

10 Years Jupiter Digital Printing Lines, Status and Outlook
Carsten Brinkmann, Hymmen

Paper Solutions for Inkjet Decor Processes 
Rick van der Zwan, Technocell

First Installation of an Automatic Optical Inspection and Process Control System in a 2.250mm Wide Single Pass Printing Line
Thomas Franz, Baumer Inspection

Ink Developments for Digital Décor Print
Phil Jackman, Sun Chemical

Digital Décor Printing - Must-Have or Nice-to-Have ...?
Andreas Dörfler, Impress Surfaces

Digital Printing and Customization
Thorsten Beinke, Tarkett

3D Décor Print
Giorgio Macor, Kuei

Functional Inkjet Applications - an Academic overview

Dr Patrick J Smith, The University of Sheffield & Dr Dario Mager, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Variable data in industrial inkjet printing

Florian Fässler, Wifag-Polytype Technologies

Industrial inkjet - developments and enablers for 3D Printing

Chris Noble, Xaar Plc

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