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UWAVE designs and manufactures innovative UV LED equipments for UV-curing applications.

Innovation has been in the company's DNA since its creation. We differentiate ourselves by a thorough control of our LED, and apply this expertise to industrial processes. This is made possible by our advanced knowledge of optics, our innovative products and our quality of service. Today, these key features allow us to grow steadily and make UWAVE the leading French manufacturer of high-power UV LED equipment.
The team of UWAVE works every day to deliver quality products to its customers in ever shorter time frames.
The future of UWAVE will be through the development of new products, proposing higher power, better homogeneity and performance.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

UWAVE designs and manufactures UV LED systems that meet the requirements of the industrial world.

Combining quality, robustness and reliability, UWAVE products ensure a controlled process regardless of the surface and insolation power. All of these performances are made possible by UWAVE's expertise and experience in UV LED and more generally in optics.

UWAVE products are available in several wavelengths : 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm with maximum irradiance up to 16W/cm².

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18. September 2017
Detailed Overview of our products
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