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Plasmatreat is the world market leader in atmospheric plasma jet technology, a high-tech process for the environmentally friendly and highly effective pretreatment and nanocoating of material surfaces.

Openair® Plasma technology is now used in virtually all sectors of industry. Materials such as plastics, metals, glass or ceramics are cleaned and simultaneously activated or - by means of PlasmaPlus® - functionally plasma coated inline within a matter of seconds. New material compounds often become only possible due to this technique, while wet-chemical or mechanical pretreatments are completely dispensed with.

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PlasmaPlus®: selective plasma coating
All different types of materials like plastic, glass, metal, aluminum etc. can be coated with PlasmaPlus®.

Plasma polymerization with the PlasmaPlus® process is already being used successfully for surface coating in a large number of different industrial applications.
Examples of successful PlasmaPlus® applications:

Improvement of barrier characteristics of glas before printing, plastics for packaging using plasma polymer nanocoating.
Paintability with long-term stability and resulting high flexibility in manufacturing thanks to nanocoating with PlasmaPlus®.

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  • Varnishes, Primers & Liquid Coatings
  • Functional Panels & Surfaces
  • Glass

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