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Founded in 1940, Helios Quartz Group has been a family-owned company with two production plants in Italy and Switzerland, combined with offices in the US, South America, and Asia, to become a major international supplier for Quartz Glass processing and the manufacturing of IR & UV Lamps. Helios Quartz also produces Specialized Equipment for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical applications.
Over 70 years of experience has enabled Helios Quartz to acquire advanced technology know-how, deep knowledge of production processes and solid skills in many areas of various applications: Helios Quartz companies are able to meet every need, studying solutions for the more specific and complex applications.

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The heating by the Infrared Quartz emitters allows the ink to penetrate into the paper more quickly; the optimization of the absorption level depends on the type of paper used.
Infrared technology can be used with almost all conventional printing inks (water based and solvent base), since the infrared radiations reduces significantly the viscosity of the inks and facilitates a quick fixing on the paper.
Ultraviolet rays cures UV paints, UV varnishes and UV adhesives within seconds. The UV compounds, in contrast with the conventional coatings, are almost solvent-free, therefore the use of this technology eliminates the problem of formation of gas sacks and consequently it eliminates the danger of explosion during the drying process.

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  • Digital Printing Technology
  • Drying & Curing Equipment
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