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InkTec has developed a UV-curable inkjet printer, JETRIX, and high-quality UV ink with cutting-edge technology in the inkjet area. Combined with the researchers’ years of accumulated know-how, JETRIX is a perfect solution for photographic printing for advertisements and various industrial printing areas.

JETRIX, with its advanced technology, guarantees an outstanding printing quality through true grayscale printing. A powerful auto-vacuum system provides for stable printing, and a self-diagnosis system enables easy repair and maintenance. Combined with the development of specialty inks, such as white ink, varnish ink, and primers (for glass and metal), it will mark a new era in UV curable inkjet printer industry.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

Documents, Digital Photo Printing

• LFP Ink
Banner, Sign Image Ad, Interior Display, Sportswear, Photograph

• Inkjet UV Printer
Banner & Signage Posters, Exhibition Graphics, POP, Display, Industrial Market

• Printed Electronics
Touch Screen Panel, Display(Flexible Display, LCD, OLED, OTFT, E-Paper), PCB(FPCB), EMI Shielding, Printed Memory, Cell(Solar Cell, Fuel Cell, 2nd Battery), Lighting, Senor, RFID, Signage, Bio

InPrint Munich Produktkategorien

  • Inkjet-Drucktechnologie
  • Inspektions-, Mess- & Prüftechnik
  • Inkjettinten


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