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Ardeje's vocation consists in providing digital printing solutions adressed to the Industrial market.
What makes Ardeje unique is its capability, at an international level, of conceiving a global solution matching customers' RFQ.

Whatever kind of project : functional fluids jettability, printing in full colours on objects, advanced printing platforms designing, Ardeje is the best partner to achieve technology migration or innovation.

From the feasability phase in laboratory ( from Origin ) to the delivery of advanced designed digital printers ( to Infinity ), Ardeje goes with ambitious Manufacturers whose goal consists in bringing something different to the market : personalization, advanced functions, coding, high quality decoration.

Products & Services

Ardeje addresses two main markets : laboratories of Universities / R&D department and plants.

The range "Origin" is dedicated to laboratories of Universities / R&D department. It is composed by prototyping platforms implementing every types of fluids through every brands of printheads.

The range "Infinity" is dedicated to plants equipment. Conceived to fit with every types of machines configurations, our in-house printing modules may be integrated directly in a production line.

As for services, our facilities are equipped with several prototyping platforms allowing unconventional fluids printing studies, feasibility studies or sampling campaigns.

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  • Digital Printing Technology
  • Inkjet Printing Technology
  • Services for the Industrial Printing Sector

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