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Metis Systems, the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality RGB Color and Surface scanners is exclusively represented by SMA Electronic Document GmbH in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (german-speaking). The exclusive performances of METIS scanners are the result of a sophisticated and advanced design which includes high precision mechanics, state of the art electronic and powerful software. All METIS Software are in-house designed and developed by its R&D department. METIS origins come 1975 from satellite digital imaging. METIS designs scanner for Cultural Heritage from over twenty years.

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Color and 3D high quality surface scanner. METIS designs and manufactures the most productive and advanced scanners for the Decor industry. A single METIS scanner is capables of acquiring RGB color data, analyze 3D surface/embossing data and create real 3D depth-map. The uniqueness of METIS scanners is the extreme flexibility and immediacy with which the operator can change the lighting schematic (light is a key element for all applications of industrial decoration). This unique feature is obtained thanks to the lighting system DCS (patented in 2010).The Super Scan also enable to obtain 3D information of the surface (depth MAP) with a very high level of detail, comparable to those obtainable with the best 3D laser scanning systems.

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