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Baumer Inspection is the worldwide leader of automatic, optical inspection of aesthetic surfaces, with more than 550 installed systems. ColourBrain® systems check the production and quality of web-shaped foils and papers. With Q-brain® and Q-live® lacquering defects getting classified and dedicated in its production cause. The statistical analyze enables to control/optimize the production process.

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Baumer Inspection GmbH has specialized in automatic optical surface inspection for the last 35 years and installed more than 700 systems worldwide. As a leader in scanners for fully automatic inspection and process control the Baumer range includes camera systems for decor paper, film and foils, flooring and surfaces of furniture panels.
In 2017 Baumer Inspection is introducing a novel automatic optical inspection system for process monitoring and defect detection in high resolution single pass digital printing which include special line illumination of different spectral colours and newly developed proprietary Baumer camera systems.

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Baumer Inspection GmbH
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23 October 2017
Automatische optische Überwachung im großformatigen Single Pass Digitaldruck
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Jessica Rominger
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