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The PSi Matrix GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-performance matrix printer and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The PSi dot matrix printers are designed for extremely high loads even in rough environments. The most important customers of PSi Matrix Printers include renowned companies of industry, logistics, trade, banking and service sectors. Matrix printing is a printing technology that simultaneously prints multi copies by highest speed at a lowest cost per page.

Products & Services

Innovative product solutions make PSi Printer Systems international a trend-setter of the branch. With a print-throughput of 470 up to 800 pages per hour and extremely low costs of ownership, the products close the gap between midrange matrix and line printers. They are ruggedized and work reliably even in rough environments. Special features, like e.g. straight-through paper paths, multiple paper feeders, integrated cutter, the ability to process all current barcodes incl. QR Code, and „Personality Modules“ for connectivity also PDF-Directprinting, to almost all host environments qualify PSi matrix printers for applications especially in industry, logistics, service providers, and banks.

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  • Machinery & Technology for other printing processes
  • Print Head Technology
  • Services for the Industrial Printing Sector

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Werner Achten
PSi Matrix GmbH
Hommeswiese 116a
57258 Fruedenberg

Tel: +49 2734 284 77 530
Fax: +49 2734 284 77 599

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