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Cefla Finishing is the world leader in the finishing, decoration and digital printing of wood and wood derivatives. Cefla dsigns and manufactures tailored and "turnkey" systems for the wood market and today is in the forefront also in the field of glass, plastic, fiber cement, metal and composite materials.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

The digital printing solutions offered by Cefla Finishing and
JetSet is designed to meet the market requirement of decoration, quality and productivity.
The New single-pass J-PRINT TD is a printer suitable for printing “haptics” (tactile feedback effects). With a resolution of 400 dpi and a speed up to 50 m/min, this latest generation printer uses a special ink to produce a positive and negative tactile feedback effect, for maximum realism and applying a reliable, costefficient process.
The multi-pass J-PRINT MP is a new open source inkjet platform for industrial integration and OEMs, designed for high throughput, high precision scanning applications in a multitude of sectors.

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  • Digitaldrucktechnologie
  • 3D-Drucktechnologie
  • Materialien & Bedruckstoffe


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