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In line with our management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” we, at Konica Minolta, are striving to contribute to the well-being of society through our business activities, by creating and offering “New Value” in a way only Konica Minolta can, thereby bringing even greater benefits to our customers and society. We have been offering high-performance products and attractive services and solutions in all of our business areas, which include Inkjet Printhead. In today's world, the “values” all around us are becoming increasingly diverse and rapidly changing. We are endeavoring to identify the “values” that are sought by our customers and society and precisely meet their needs, thus creating new growth opportunities.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

The Konica Minolta Inkjet Printhead offers a range of solutions to various customer applications.
Its unique, easy-to-use Printhead Evaluation System is designed to facilitate customers' development of inkjet print systems.
Konica Minolta assists each and every customer in almost all aspects, from R&D and production and quality control to marketing of the product using Konica Minolta’s inkjet technology.

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  • Inkjet-Drucktechnologie
  • Druckkopftechnologie


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