Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

InPrint is the leading exhibition for innovative print technology for industrial manufacturing. It is the only event attended predominantly by professionals from the manufacturing sector and attracts decision makers who attend to solve specific production problems.

Industrial print production has the potential to grow significantly driven by consumer demand, mass customisation and technological innovation. These are exciting times in a changing market, and exhibitors are keen to develop new technology, gain new customers and grow their businesses.

InPrint will be the focal point for technological print innovation for industrial manufacturing. No other exhibition, anywhere in the world, has the same focus and commitment within the manufacturing sector for print technology.

InPrint visitors are senior professionals searching for innovation and technology to improve their print productivity in manufacturing.

Exhibitor Comments

Giorgio Macor, InPrint Ambassador and owner of the specialist Italian ink company, Kuei explains: Having been involved as an exhibitor in the InPrint Show since the beginning I am delighted the show will be coming to Milan – I know the market is perfect here for an industrial print show and will be a great success, adding a further dimension to the growing InPrint Community.

Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems who exhibited for the first time in 2015 describes how the show worked for GIS. InPrint succeeds in bringing together a diverse range of industrial printing suppliers and customers making it a unique and important event. 2015 was a very successful show for GIS and we look forward to 2016 and beyond.

Simon Edwards, Tonejet was impressed with the organisers approach. For Tonejet, InPrint was one of the best events we have ever been part of. People who attended the event were right on the mark, and I didn’t speak to a single person who didn’t also think the event was great. In contrast to other shows we have been part of, where the organisers are quite invisible - the InPrint founders are quite visible. The passion, enthusiasm and personality of the organisers really translated into the success of the show. All of the additional elements, mini-events, webinars, blogs and reports joins up to tell a cohesive, exciting and compelling story and I think this is tremendously important to the success of InPrint. We look forward to InPrint 2016!

Marcus Borghoff, ESC, enthuses about InPrint: If I could have designed a show myself that was absolutely focused upon the key areas for my business. Then InPrint Show would be that event. There is an absolute need for an event focused on industrial printing to allow customers and exhibitors to engage in a meaningful way and for business to be done between people that you just do not meet at any other event. We look forward to continuing to participate at InPrint into the future.

Friedrich Goldner, Director New Business Development at Marabu describes the evolution and growth of the show. At InPrint 2015, we saw a continuation at a higher level of InPrint 2014, which showed diversified leads coming across many industries. This is what makes InPrint so special. The people visiting us came with specific production challenges and improvements in mind. And there were all kinds of directions – there were people from the screen world who had not thought of using digital in combination. And there were people from the screen side who didn’t know that there is a UV ink that would give them performance advantages. We also had a good number of leads for glass for interior and for packaging as well as many requests for industrial inkjet applications. The show was of a higher quality and more complete with new people looking at new industrial solutions from the manufacturing world, suggesting to us at Marabu that the target of the show was being achieved.

Gary Barnes, Marketing Manager for Industrial Inkjet at Fujifilm was very pleased with the outcome of the talks he and his colleagues had on-site: We have seen a significant increase in lead numbers since the previous show. A diverse range of companies and a large variety of industry sectors have come through, and the quality of the visitors at our stand was high. At InPrint, we see potential customers that we see nowhere else. For us it is the only show where we put the capability of Fuji’s inkjet range on display together, and all our three sectors have been doing well. We’ve already signed up for the next year, so see you in Milan.

Roberto Zinser, Channel Manager Wide Format Direct Sales at Canon Germany had also perceived a strong progress: At InPrint 2015 in Munich, we noticed a considerable increase in the number of high-level talks and new business contacts compared to the year before. It is fantastic to see how digital in packaging, decorative and functional printing is really picking up speed. The InPrint show has become a valuable platform with respect to an exchange of experiences and know-how between visitors and exhibitors. This show allows us not only to communicate our practical experiences and application results, but also to get new inspiration and ideas from visitors at the same time. We will certainly miss InPrint round here next year, but are happy for our Italian colleagues and clients and are looking forward to welcoming InPrint back to Germany in 2017.

Paul Adriaensen, Agfa enthuses about the unique profile of attendee at InPrint 2015. We are seeing integrators, people that make production lines for the clothing and manufacturing industries, for bottling lines, manufacturing of all sorts of white goods. We also see brand owners who are looking at what is possible before they go to their production line integrators.

Ronen Zioni, HP talks about what makes InPrint different. InPrint has been an exciting show, we meet new people that we have never met before – many people who are looking for innovation, different faces, a lot of new ideas and a lot of good discussions and we have a lot of production ideas for printers and manufacturers who are looking for innovation.

Jon Harper-Smith, Fujifilm, explains the different types of visitor at InPrint. InPrint is very important to us because it provides us with the opportunity to show Fujifilm as a technology company which is what we are at our heart and it allows us to show this to three groups of customers. Print service providers who are looking to move into more industrial area adjacent to their core business. There are integrators, companies that produce print engines, with or without the rest of the handling system and there are companies who manufacture something and want to know more about inkjet and what it can do for their business.

Dr John Mills, Inca Digital Printers talks about the impact of the show for Inca, a first time exhibitor at InPrint. InPrint 2015 has been an amazing show for us. We have been surprised by the variety of customers coming along – there are a lot of similarities in their demands and it has opened our eyes to the opportunities and where to focus our business in the future and we look forward to participating in another InPrint next year.

Graham Kennedy, outlines Ricoh’s experience of InPrint. InPrint 2015 has been the perfect opportunity to present Ricoh’s proposition to a new and exciting group of customers. It gives the opportunity to present our existing and future print head range to the market, it has allowed us to introduce new innovative technologies – one of which we were proudly a recipient of the Great Innovations Award from the show organisers. I think the market has evolved greatly since the last iteration of this show and allows us now and gives us a new opportunity to present our revised proposition to this new and exciting industry.

Gillian Ewers, Director of Marketing, Xaar explains the importance of InPrint and the industrial sector for Xaar. As a Founder and Strategic Sponsor of InPrint we see the industrial sector as an innovative area with lots of potential for inkjet. InPrint 2015 allowed us to showcase the different applications where Xaar’s printhead technology is or can be used to make inkjet an integral part of the manufacturing process. Based on the success of the past shows we look forward to InPrint 2016 and the further expansion of the industrial markets.

Tim Phillips, Managing Director, IMI Europe defines how the show has developed from InPrint 2014 to InPrint 2015. InPrint 2015 was a stronger event building upon the solid foundations laid down at the launch event in Hannover. Exhibitors had clearly invested more time and resources into defining and then refining their industrial print products and messaging. It was therefore both a more focused and larger event. Simultaneously visitors had evolved too. They came with very informed and committed enquiries with a desire to invest to move their industrial print plans forward. The profile of visitors was very different to the regular type of visitors you might expect to see at a traditional print exhibition as they came from the manufacturing sector.

Mark Hanley, President I.T Strategies, InPrint’s research partner describes how important the show is. InPrint is different and not a traditional print show. It has set the ball rolling for the new Industrial Print markets driven alike by a high degree of analogue specialisation and digital print itself. We have been asked about InPrint by all of our customers around the globe. This is an event with depth and development capability. In fact InPrint is more about the future of print in our eyes than any other show. Industrial and production digital print markets are about integration to manufacturing and extensive development of core technology to match the highest performance standards of manufactured products, which happen to need to be printed. InPrint addresses this like no other show.

Dr Rene Pankoke, Hymmen, explains the digital revolution taking place in manufacturing and how InPrint is relevant in this regard. Industrial scale Manufacturing is making its own transition into digital, and Hymmen has invested in creating digital print technology that enables imaging solutions for industrial scale output. Hymmen with its new digital print technology is specifically focused on the laminates and interior and exterior decoration business, e.g. furniture, flooring, wall coverings and decorative building materials. The InPrint show, with its unique focus on industrial and manufacturing focused print, is therefore the perfect platform for us to showcase Hymmen’s advanced industrial, digital print technology.

Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager EMEA, Mimaki: We are very satisfied with InPrint, it was a great event. There have been many visitors, both from industrial as well as traditional print, many with precise questions, which we could answer. Industrial printing is taking giant leaps forward and keeps you as a company at the forefront of innovation. Inkjet technology plays a huge role in this booming market and it is a Mimaki field of expertise. That's why we're proud to be a founding partner of the InPrint show, dedicated entirely to this specific market segment. We're excited about showing how Mimaki printers can realise the innovative industrial design concepts and how we put our printing expertise to good use for these emerging industrial markets. We hope to see each other at the next InPrint.

Sergio Ferrari, JetSet: InPrint 2015 was a great success for JetSet and we expect 2016 to be even better. We are also delighted that InPrint will be running in Milan. The Italian market for industrial printing is considerable and very innovative - the show will provide the market with a valuable forum to show new ideas, technologies and insights that will create new possibilities.

Marco Zanella, INX Digital: InPrint is playing an important role in giving unique access for industrial printing. The market is evolving quickly and the market needs InPrint in order to introduce new technologies into different industrial markets. INX Digital has been happy to play a key role in the development of the InPrint Show from the very start and we look forward to developing the show in Milan, which is an extremely important global manufacturing, design and innovation centre.

Marvin Jensen, Business Development Manager Inkjet, CyconJet: We took the decision to exhibit at the InPrint to showcase our CYCONJET product lines which are designed for industrial digital direct to shape printing with a special focus on glass applications. I am happy to say that InPrint achieved a very high quality level of visitors and we think this was due to the focus on truly industrial applications throughout the show. Exhibitors had put together an excellent showcase of industrial innovation. The event really did bring together the 'who's who' of the industrial inkjet sector resulting in excellent networking which nicely supplemented the interactions we had with prospective customers.

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“For us it is the only show where we put the capability of Fuji’s inkjet range on display together, and all our three sectors have been doing well. We’ve already signed up for the next year, so see you in Milan”

Gary Barnes, Fujifilm

“At InPrint 2015 in Munich, we noticed a considerable increase in the number of high-level talks and new business contacts compared to the year before.”

Roberto Zinser, Canon

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