The InPrint Conferences & Associated Events

The broad ranging conference programme at InPrint Italy will feature top industry experts offering their insights in three key areas – Functional, Decorative and Packaging print. The Conferences and Associated Events are open to all visitors free of charge.

Daily Programme

Tuesday, 15th November


10:15 TCM – Surface Decoration

A focus on the application of digital print on decorative materials such as laminate flooring, wood based panels and luxury vinyl tiles. With digital print becoming more and more an established technology for this industry, leading experts will speak on this exciting new sector.
Introduction by Kurt Fisher, TCM

10:20 The First Decade of Digital Decor Printing: What Have We Learned?

Stefan Fiedler, Salon Iris

10:40 The Digital Future of Decor Printing

Stephan Schunk, SURTECO

11:00 Digital decoration of Vinyl Flooring

Klaas Kackmann Schneider, Tarkett

11:20 Digital Printing in Decor Industry: The Benefits Move from Small to Big Order Sizes!

Carsten Brinkmeyer, Hymmen

11:40 Functional water based pigment inks for industrial applications and the early adoption into single pass technology

Andy Hancock, Mexar

12:00 IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk

The talks will cover key technology items including inks, print-heads and integration.
Host: Tim Phillips, IMI Europe

Industrial inkjet ink delivery systems – Troubleshooting & solutions

Debbie Thorp, GIS

Printhead selection and evaluation
Clive Ayling, TTP Meteor

Dispersion technology for pigment-based inkjet inks

Dr Alan Hudd, Alchemie Technology

13:00 Smithers PIRA: Inkjet disruption in Functional Industrial Printing - market developments and opportunities

Sean Smythe, Smithers PIRA

13:30 TTP Meteor: Case Study - Digital Decoration

Clive Ayling, TTP Meteor


IJA: Digital Décor – Market Forecast & Technology Trends in Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings, Ceramics & Furniture
  • Why are Home and Corporate Décor Markets moving to Inkjet Printing?
  • Ceramic Tiles – Inkjet goes from Niche to Dominance in 7 years
  • From Michelangelo to Inkjet – What is Next for Wallcoverings?
  • New Inkjet Technologies for Wood Laminate Decoration
  • Market Trends and Forecasts

Speaker: Stewart Partridge, IJA

15:00 Mankiewicz: What is the value proposition that industrial customers are looking for from Inkjet & how great partnerships is the key to success? Including Fermac Glass case study

Marvin Jensen, Mankiewicz
Sebastien Antoine, Fermac



Frazer Chesterman & Marcus Timson, Founders of InPrint
With the participation of the InPrint Ambassadors

10:15 Heidelberg: Launch of the Heidelberg 4D “Omnifire”

Introducing the revolutionary Omnifire, a digital solution to decorate three-dimensional objects.

11:00 Mimaki: What is Industrial Print Anyway?

Mimaki inkjet Printers and the 'Wow' factor
Mike Horsten, Mimaki

11:30 Xaar: Inkjet 3D Printing - Opening New Markets for Materials

Andrew Morse, 3D specialist Xaar

12:00 Agfa: How to enable the value creation of digital industrial print

Building the right partnerships between experts from the printing business and application specialists from the manufacturing side is key to speeding up the road to success.
Rudi Lamproye, Agfa

12:30 EFI’s ‘World of Industrial Inkjet’ with insight into applications and technologies from EFI’s increasing portfolio

Stephen Emery, EFI

13:00 Imagexpert: Optimizing ink formulations and jetting parameters in order to solve these kinds of technical challenges - Innovations in Inkjet analysis

Paul Best, Imagexpert

13:30 GEW Specialist UV Systems: The best choice of UV curing technology depends on the exact printing applications and will therefore determine optimum production efficiency in terms of both performance and cost

GEW explain the thinking behind this statement.
Franco Pagano, GEW Specialist UV Systems
The presentation will be conducted in Italian

14:00 Pall GmbH: Filtration Technology for Ink Jet Printing Applications

This presentation will provide an overview of the filtration and degas methodology and technology available for many ink jet printers.
Michael Mehler, Pall GmbH

14:30 Archipelago Technology: Make your inkjet system work harder for you – Three easy wins

Guy Newcombe, Archipelago Technology

15:00 Inca Digital: Digital Décor – Roll or Robots?

Stephen Tunnicliffe Wilson, Inca Digital

15:30 Armor Industrial Inks: Ink development for flexible packaging

Frank De Jonge, Armor industrial Inks

Wednesday, 16th November


10:30 IT Strategies: Industrial Print – A Digital Inflection Point

Mark Hanley, IT Strategies

11:00 Heidelberg: Introducing the revolutionary Omnifire

Introducing the revolutionary Omnifire, a digital solution to decorate three-dimensional objects. Omnifire combines advances Inkjet technology with high-precision robotics. Includes: My Muesli customer care study
Frank Janssen, Heidelberg

12:00 IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk

The talks will cover key technology items including inks, print heads and integration.
Host: Tim Phillips, IMI Europe

Ink testing for industrial inkjet printers
Dr Simon Daplyn, Sensient

Dispersion technology for inks
Dr Alan Hudd, Alchemie Technology

Designing print heads into inkjet printers - What they don't tell you

Dr Nick Campbell, Inca Digital

13:00 The Innovation Sessions

Hosted by Sophie Matthews-Paul and Roland Biemans

The Innovation Sessions will concentrate on discussions and presentations from manufacturers and developers about their products and technologies. Among the companies taking part are Ceradrop, Inca Digital and Tonejet.


10:30 Sakurai: Exciting developments and new screen technology from Sakurai in Industrial specification lines

Claudio Moffa, Sakurai
This presentation will be conducted in Italian

11:00 Kuei: The impressive impact of the ‘Haptink’ ink

This collaboration between engineering, chemistry, scanning technology software enables the production of decorative wood with an impressive 3D haptic effect.
Giorgio Macor, Kuei

11:30 University of Sheffield: Vision of the ‘Future of Inkjet applications’

Patrick Smith, head of R&D at the University of Sheffield – Applied Inkjet research

12:00 Industrial Inkjet: Digitally printed Wallpaper

Technology that enable you to create exciting examples of wallcoverings using inkjet.
John Corrall, Industrial Inkjet

12:30 Caldera: What added business potential is there for a 2D printing service to integrate 3D printings into their available services?

Sebastien Hanssens, Caldera

13:00 Alchemie: Digital deposition of powders for Industrial applications

Alan Hudd, Alchemie

13:30 Ardeje: A unique platform to explore the core of “Drop on demand” technology

Christophe Mercier, Ardeje

14:00 Hapa: Impact of a substrate’s surface free energy on adhesion and polymerization of UV DOD inks

Mathias Theiler, Supervisor Ink Dep, Hapa

14:30 Afford Inks: Ink challenges and solutions for industrial applications

Pedro Martinez, Afford Inks

15:00 Tonejet: The next chapter in direct to can digital printing

Simon Edwards, Tonejet

16:00 Canon Italia Spa: Trends in industrial printing and interior decoration opportunities

Enrico Restani, Business Development Manager, Canon Italia SpA

Thursday, 17th November



IJA: The Dawn of Digital Packaging – The Biggest Global Market Opportunity for Inkjet Printing
  • Why Digital Packaging?
  • Segmentation of the Packaging & Labelling Markets
  • Why Different Packaging Segments Need Different Solutions
  • Drivers for Developments in Inks and Coatings
  • Global Market Forecasts

Stewart Patridge, IJA

11:30 Marcus Timson, Co-founder InPrint: Décor - Dream or reality?

Trends, opportunities and challenges in digital décor.
Marcus Timson, Co-founder InPrint

12:00 IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk

The talks will cover key technology items including inks, printheads and integration.
Host: Tim Phillips, IMI Europe

Keeping it working - Nozzle maintenance
Mike Willis, Pivotal

Ink testing for industrial inkjet printers
Dr Simon Daplyn, Sensient

Designing printheads into inkjet printers - What they don't tell you
Dr Nick Campbell, Inca Digital

13:00 PackHub: Digital Printing in Packaging

‘Why Digital Print in Packaging here is to stay’ will review the stand out digital packaging examples Explore why this important medium is being embraced by progressive brand owners and is certainly no ‘flash in the pan’.
Paul Jenkins, PackHub

14:00 Décor Debate

Hosted by Sophie Matthews-Paul

Panel includes guests from:

  • Inca Digital - Stephen Tunnicliffe Wilson
  • EFI – Stephen Emery
  • Agfa – Marc Graindourze


10:30 IN-CORE Systèmes: The technical and economic challenges & benefits of 3D microstructure security features visual inspection (camera based) performing different QC printing levels

Dr Michel Popovic, IN-CORE Systèmes

11:00 Chemstream: A presentation on the methodology and implementation of UV-LED curable inks designed for 3D printing

Sharing the methodology for optimizing and developing ink formulations.
Veerle Goossens, Chemstream

11:30 INX Digital: Helping packaging print companies evolving into ink-jet printing

Marco Zanella, INX Digital

12:00 Ricoh: Industrial Inkjet - Components, modules and integration

Graham Kennedy, Ricoh

12:30 Sensient: Digital Printing Technologies to Textiles with Water based inks

Latest updates and innovations for this dynamic sector and the trends encouraging change.
Christophe Bulliard, Sensient

13:00 Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder InPrint: The Growing Pains of Industrial Print

How do companies manage the challenges of growing with Industrial Print? Evidence of successful companies overcoming the pains of growth and expansion.

Roland Biemans and Frazer Chesterman discuss with guests the perfect leadership models for technical businesses and three ways to meet the challenges, with discussion from:

  • Liz Logue – EFI
  • Mark Hanley – IT Strategies
  • Scott Einsig – EPS Xaar

Please note: this session lasts for one hour

14:30 Great Innovations Competition

The top two presentations judged by panel and audience will be awarded Winner or Highly Commended.

The competition comprises 4-minute presentations within a 60-80 minute session – the panel decides the top two and the audience decides the overall winner. New for this year is the InPrint Founders Award presentation in memory of Paolo Capano.

Host: Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder InPrint

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