Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Tonejet Limited, a company that specializes in digital printing products designed for industrial package printing. Simon has over 20 years experience in commercialization and technology sales. Previous roles include Vice President of Research and Technology at SOLA and Technical Director of Research Laboratories of Australia where he was also a director of Tonejet. In 2009 Simon re-joined Tonejet Limited to lead the expansion of their customer base and commercialization of Tonejet's unique digital print technology.

Tonejet is a powerful digital printing technology designed to meet the needs of the global packaging industry. We are proud of our groundbreaking electrostatic drop-on-demand printhead, which can produce cost-effective, high-quality print at high speeds on virtually any substrate without the need for pre-coating. Tonejet’s unique nozzle-less printheads are able to achieve exceptional reliability and a sub-micron print layer thickness.

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