InPrint USA Priority Point System

We are excited to announce the launch of our Priority Point System for InPrint USA. Beginning with InPrint USA 2017 participation, exhibitors and sponsors will begin accumulating points for each show. This system rewards all exhibitors – regardless of size – for being involved with InPrint USA year after year.

Booth selection for 2019 will be determined by the number of points earned in 2017. Companies with the highest point total will select first. If you would like to earn additional points for future shows, securing your exhibit space early and investing in one of the sponsorship or marketing programs is an easy way to earn additional points.

Below is a summary of the program; additional details will be provided when sales open in December 2017.

How Exhibitors Earn Priority Points

Booth space
Square Footage: 10 points for every 100 sq. ft. contracted at InPrint USA 2017

For Example:
Total Square Footage Points Allocated
100 sq ft 10
200 sq ft 20
300 sq ft 30
400 sq ft 40
500 sq ft 50
600 sq ft 60

Date Contracted: one (1) point per month out from the 2017 show that contract was received

For Example:
Date Contracted for Exhibit Space
– InPrint USA 2017
Points Allocated
May 2016 11
June 2016 10
July 2016 9
August 2016 8
September 2016 7
October 2016 6
November 2016 5
December 2016 4
January 2017 3
February 2017 2
March 2017 1
April 2017 (Show Month) 0

Sponsorship/Marketing Investment:

Other Important Information

Tie breakers

  1. Determine which company submitted a signed contract first via date and/or time stamp.
  2. Determine which company had the larger booth the prior exhibition.
  3. Determine which company spent more on sponsorship in the prior exhibition.

Point Calculation

Priority points are calculated using the 2017 exhibition data as the base points. Priority points will accumulate moving forward with all future InPrint USA exhibitions.

Forfeiture of Priority Points

Skipping a year of exhibiting results in loss of accumulated points

Mergers and Acquisitions

Amongst the companies being merged/acquired, the company with the highest priority points assumes the point total

We are excited to implement this new program. Please contact us at 312-809-9260 should you have any questions.

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