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NEW! InPrint Conference Round Table Summary – May 2018

The InPrint Industrial Inkjet Conference 2018 brought together industrial printing leaders across various manufacturing sectors, including functional, decorative and package printing applications.

Receive this white paper to gain insight into key industry questions, including:

  1. What has been your biggest challenge and success in implementing or expanding industrial print opportunities in your company?
  2. Which sector offers the best immediate growth for industrial inkjet?
  3. Why has the U.S. market not embraced industrial print opportunities as quickly as European businesses? How can U.S. adoption be increased?

InPrint Market Survey & Report 2017, Special Focus: Packaging

Presented by research partner I.T. Strategies, this white paper features results from a survey conducted in January 2017. The content is aimed at giving readers insight into the tone of the industrial print market, the growth potential, but also the challenges that need to be overcome. This report has a particular focus on inkjet for packaging.

Market Opportunities for Industrial Digital Print in North America – December 2016

This December 2016 InPrint white paper, presented by I.T. Strategies, features analysis, case studies and detailed market forecasts with a specific focus on décor, functional and packaging print in North America. The North American market for industrial digital or production represents about 30% of the global market while Europe represents a slightly larger share at around 34%. However, there are key differences between the regions, differences that give America an advantage in growth development towards higher volumes of industrial digital production markets.

InPrint Décor Survey & Report – August 2016

While digital inkjet technology has already completely revolutionized the ceramic print sector, this white paper makes it clear that inkjet will change the decorative surfaces industry, as well. The InPrint Décor Survey & Report, conducted in partnership with I.T. Strategies, TCM Conference Management and IMI Europe, explores growth opportunities and adoption challenges for inkjet technology in the decorative surfaces industry.

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