Keynote Sessions

Tuesday, April 9

10:15 – 11:00 a.m. How's Your Altitude?... Morphing Your Packaging / Label Business From A Hot Air Balloon To A Lear Jet
Dawn Olson – Director, Client Business Development, Production Print/Industrial Print Solutions
Konica Minolta Business Solutions

We all have a virtually limitless pool of information and resources to guide our packaging and label business growth strategies -- so much data, and so many options, that it's easy to lose sight of the intended destination, and even of the business landscape around us. Add to this mix the new technologies coming to market every time we gather as colleagues at an Exhibition like this one, and analysis paralysis can set in. This presentation offers some simple operating rules for a common sense approach to setting goals for your packaging or label business, mapping a course, dealing efficiently with detours, maintaining your revenue stream, and reaching your desired state, whether you are a SMB owner or an entrepreneur within a much larger organization serving packaging and label markets. Questions and open discussion are encouraged.

Dawn Olson is a 30-year veteran of the digital production print industry with extensive experience in its market trends, continuing technological developments, and broader competitive landscapes over time. She is currently responsible for Konica Minolta’s U.S. Production Print and Industrial Print Client Business Development strategy. She is a keen and avid observer and analyst of the global digital print/multi-media transformation and is a passionate advocate for taking print providers beyond simple competition, and into leading their industry into the future.

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Wednesday, April 10

10:15 – 11:00 a.m. Print on Demand - Exploring Décor Market Opportunities
Kristen Dettoni – founder of Design Pool and co-founder of PatternPod

Our next generation of customers, the iGen, expect their needs to be met on their terms. With the rapidly evolving world of technology and manufacturing, companies are well positioned to offer custom products designed and made to their clients' specifications. Working as a designer in commercial interiors, Kristen sees potential for custom designs and products in a variety of settings. Learn about the ways companies are using print technology to offer unique experiences and how to capitalize on the print on demand market.

Kristen is an accomplished designer with 27 years of experience in design, management, and marketing. Several of those years were spent at textile mills, designing and developing woven products for automotive, office, hospitality, and healthcare. Kristen recently founded Design Pool, an online resource for licensable patterns specific to residential and commercial interior products, such as upholstery, wallpaper, bedding, pillows and privacy screens. She is extremely passionate about the future of print on demand and customization. Her versatility and devotion to all things creative makes her approach to product development and design truly unique.

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Thursday, April 11

10:15 – 11:00 a.m. Integration of Conductive Printing Techniques for Sensors and Flexible Electronics
Robert Malay, PhD. - Product Development Manager, VDI

Robert Malay, Ph.D. focuses his research on integrating flexible glass into existing roll-to-roll infrastructures and fabricating electronic devises using the glass as a substrate. His research interests include manufacturing integration of new materials, thin film deposition and characterization, and electronic device fabrication. Malay holds a Ph.D. in industrial systems engineering from Binghamton University as well as a master's degree and bachelor science in chemistry. He is currently the Product Development Manager at VDI, one of the nation's foremost custom roll-to-roll metallizers of evaporative and sputtered coatings based in Louisville, KY.

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