Is there internet at the Convention Center?

There will be free, low bandwidth WI-FI in the exhibit hall and the lobby areas.

How far is the airport from the show?

The Louisville Airport is about 7-10 minutes from the Convention Center. Taxis, app rides, and rental cars are readily available.

Will there be shuttle buses from the Convention center to my hotel?

All the hotels in our room block are within walking distance to the convention Center. The Marriott is connected to the KICC by an over street walkway.

Can an exhibitor get into a paid seminar for free?

All attendees for paid programs must pay the entrance fee.

What educational programs are free to exhibitors?

The Keynote presentation and all programs at the Showcase Theater and Future of Converting Theaters are free to all exhibitors and attendees.

How early can I get into the convention center?

During set up you may enter the convention center at 8 a.m. through the loading dock. On show days exhibitors may enter one hour before the show opens.

How late can I stay to set up my booth?

You can stay as late as you like to set up your booth on Sunday and Monday nights. However you must be in the convention center by 5:00 p.m. when the doors are locked. Once you leave you may not be able to re-enter.

May I keep boxes behind the drape in my booth?

The Louisville fire department does not allow storage of boxes or crates behind booths. Shepard will store and return empty boxes and crates after the show. There is no charge for this service.

Can I serve food and beverages in my booth?

Yes, but all food consumed in the convention center must be purchased from the exclusive caterer, Levy Restaurants. Menus and order forms will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.

Can I build a custom booth in my space?

We love and encourage custom booths. Plans for oversized or two-story booths need to be preapproved by the Operations Manager and possibly the fire marshal depending on the design.

How can I rent a Plasma Screen, furniture, carpet or temporary staff?

Forms for these and other exhibitor needs will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.

Can I display a large machine in my booth?

We encourage all machine manufacturers to display and run all kinds of machinery. Compressed air, water and three phase power is readily available. The floor loading at the KICC is 350 pounds per sq. foot.

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