Engineered Printing Solutions Unveils BottleJET 2.0

Posted 7th February 2019 by Christina Molina

Vermont-based print manufacturer Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) has come a long way from its start in designing product-marking solutions using pad printing. Today, they are a leading supplier of industrial inkjet solutions, including cylindrical inkjet printers that bring direct to object print solutions to the production line.

“Direct-to-object inkjet printing is the fastest-growing form of product-marking, due to increasing demand for short production runs and mass-customization,” says Peter Baldwin, Marketing Director of EPS. “Increased interest in batch-coding, anti-counterfeiting concerns, product purity, and cradle-to-grave product traceability all contribute to demand for direct-to-object inkjet product-marking, as the variable-data capabilities of digital inkjet are what make that possible.”

Various industries have already taken advantage of direct to object capabilities including the medical industry, toy-makers, and manufacturers of promotional items. Direct to object printing in packaging has also seen a ton of interest, presenting brand owners with an alternative to labels and the flexibility of targeted marketing campaigns for a greater customer experience – think Coca Cola cans with your name on it.

“Direct-to-object also means that there is no need to maintain a separate inventory of labels—perhaps many different labels—and it of course eliminates the entire sub-routine of label printing and application,” Baldwin said. “This can mean real savings for manufacturers, as well as freed-up production floor space. It all depends on an ROI calculation for the manufacturer, and for many, digital inkjet has finally achieved the trifecta of ‘cheap/fast/good’ to rival alternative product-marking methods.”

At the InPrint USA exhibition, EPS will be displaying their latest model of the BottleJET cylindrical inkjet printer, dubbed the name BottleJET 2.0. EPS also recently announced their collaboration with French-supplier Machines Dubuit, whose product range includes entry-level products to higher yield industrial applications. “We are so excited about our distributor partnership with Machines Dubuit,” Baldwin said. “We feel the MD9450 presents a very attractive option to manufacturers of cosmetic tubes, drinkware, and other cylindrical objects.”

Don’t miss EPS at InPrint USA on April 9-11 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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